Custom Powder and Ceramic Coating

CPM's Trained and Certified Technicians offer professional powder and ceramic coating services with a dedicated focus on customer satisfaction.

We work hard to maintain our reputation for high quality, attractive, long lasting coatings through rigorous pre-treatment processes and continued process improvement.

Starting with properly pre-treating your items, including de-greasing, media blasting, out gassing, conversion coating and masking, all necessary to make sure the finished product meets all of your expectations.

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For the environmentally conscious, powder coating is the logical choice producing a durable finish with very minimal negative impact on the environment.

We at Custom Powder and Metal take pride in offering high quality powder and ceramic coating services and we look forward to servicing your coating needs. Contact us today for more information.

Receiving a quote is fast and convenient. Just visit our quote page , fill out the quote form and you will receive a quote by email. It's just that easy!

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the "CUSTOM" in Custom Powder and Metal

Custom powder and Metal specializes in both custom work and production runs including custom masking services. We offer a large array of colors and textures from all the major powder manufacturers.

CPM offers custom masking services with a variety of plug, silicone tube, silicone cord and taping options to meet your specific needs.

Powder Coating FAQS

Question: What is the largest size item you can powder coat?
Answer: We can powder coat items that will fit in a 4 foot x 4 foot x 6 foot area.

Question: Do you mask parts?
Answer: Yes, we are a custom shop and we offer many types of masking options.

Question: What kinds of metal can you powder coat?
Answer: We can powder coat virtually any type of metal. That includes steel, aluminum, brass, copper or iron.

Question: Do I have to prepare and clean my parts for powder coating or do you do that?
Answer: Our powder coating service includes the preparation of all items prior to powder coating. This includes de-greasing, sandblasting, de-gassing, conversion coating and masking. There may be an additional charge based on the amount of prep work necessary. All pricing includes standard prep.

Question: Do you powder coat over threads and if so do I need to protect them?
Answer: We protect all internal and external threads so these areas will not be powder coated.

Question: Do you offer powder coating services for production runs?
Answer: Yes

Question: Why should I choose powder coating over paint?
Answer: Powder coating is chemical resistant, more chip resistant, is flexible and can handle temperature changes.

Question: Why is powder coating considered environmentally safe?
Answer: Powder coatings contain no solvents and therefore emit negligible, if any, polluting VOCs into the atmosphere.

Question: Do you offer ceramic coating services?
Answer: Yes

Question: Do you offer sand blasting services?
Answer: Yes

Question: Do you offer Cerakote coating services?
Answer: Yes

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phone: (717) 244-4207

address: 885 Gebhart Road
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Powder Coating

Before and after hours drop off and pickup available


These guys are awesome. I do powder coating too and when I got myself into a bind with a job-gone-wrong, CPM helped me out without question. They're friendly, informative, knowledgeable, and very good at what they do. From one powder coater to another, keep up the great work guys!

Jeremy Fumia

These guys are the BEST. They took my parts and made them look GREAT! Fast service, quick turn around time and reasonable priced. What more could you ask for? Once again, great job guys, keep up the good work. I will be back! Oh yes, I gave out your number 3 times today!

Brian Stover

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