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CPM News - On to the phase 4


Phase 4 is here, except for some small details the shop is ready to roll.

We've fired up the CNC plasma table, brought in our new Millermatic 350P Mig welder, moved in our Hobart Tig welder and we are ready to go. You can visit our new CNC Plasma page and our Welding and Fabrication page for more information about our updated capabilities.

CNC Plasma Page
Welding and Fabrication Page

As always we appreciate you following our progress and stay tuned for more updates in the near future.

CPM News - We've finally moved on from Phase 2 to Phase 3


Phase 3 consists of wiring, hanging fiberglass insulation and hanging drywall.

We have finally reached phase 3, the wiring is complete, the fiberglass insulation is complete and we are currently hanging drywall. We have a couple of weeks worth of work to do hanging drywall and then the dreaded taping and spackling.

As always we appreciate you following our progress and stay tuned for more updates in the near future.

CPM News - We've moved on from Phase 1 to Phase 2


Phase 2 consists of applying an interior radiant heat barrier / first level of insulation, framing and shop floor layout.

We chose a product called Prodex to wrap the interior of the shop because it is specifically a radiant heat barrier which is a necessity for metal buildings. Without this product condensation will build up on the interior wall causing the regular insulation to become wet and possibly mold. This product also has a R16 insulation value.

So framing is almost complete and we are currently working on the layout of the shop floor. Making sure we use the space efficiently is becoming a daunting task. If any of you have any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated, just contact us through our contact page.

We have orderd our plasma table and expect delivery next month, as you can see we have quite a bit of work to complete to be ready for the arrival of our first machine.

So thanks for following our progress and stay tuned for more updates in the near future.

CPM News - Custom Powder and Metal Expanding


We have begun our expansion phase. Due to the increase in both the metal finishing work and our fabrication work it has become necessary to add more floor space.

We are a few months into our expansion phase which currently consists of converting our 2000 square foot horse barn into our new fabrication facility. Our current shop will be dedicated solely to the finishing work (powder coating and ceramic coating) while the new facility will be dedicated to all fabrication work (design, welding, machining and assembly).

You can see our progress by viewing the photos below. We will be posting updates on this project so please check back often to see our progress.

We do appreciate all our loyal customers and our ever increasing new customers for making this growth possible.

CPM News - Lotus: The Art of Lightness


Lotus: The Art of Lightness runs from January 24 to April 26, 2015 at the AACA Museum in Hershey, PA. One of the cars on display during this event is a DeLorean in which CPM had the opportunity to powder coat the car's original wheels.

The original Delorean Motor Company is an American automobile manufacturer formed by automobile industry executive John DeLorean in 1975.

Color Profile - “Red Wrinkle”


We had the opportunity to spray “Red Wrinkle” powder recently and we were very happy with the overall finish. This particular powder has a medium texture and a nice rich red color. Textured powders are great for items that have a surface with some imperfections. The texture will help “hide” these imperfections quite nicely. There are many types of textures and an array of colors to choose from.

Color Profile - “Satin Black” or “Matte Black”


This color has been a staple here at CPM. We have a lot of customers who ask for a lower gloss black powder especially on automotive wheels. We had worked with a variety of satin / matte black powders but were not completely satisfied with the overall finish until we found a particular powder from Hyundai Chemtech. This powder has a very nice overall smooth finish with a gloss level of 40%. It would be considered a satin or matte finish.

Color Profile - “Extreme Mirror Black”


We've been told this powder has the highest gloss level and is the “blackest” of the black powders on the market. Well, we've been spraying this powder for some time now and I have to say, we agree. We love the overall finish. We've applied this powder to Harley Davidson frames and triple trees, automotive wheels and motorcycle fork lowers just to mention a few. So if you are looking for an extremely high gloss beautiful black finish then “Extreme Mirror Black” is the powder for you.

CPM News - Becton Dickenson, Diagnostic Systems


We recently began a working relationship with Becton Dickenson Diagnostic Systems of Hunt Valley Maryland. CPM will powder coat a number of pumps in a variety of sizes and types. We began this endeavor mid January 2015 and it is scheduled to run its course thru to next January 2016.

We look forward to working with Becton Dickenson and hope to establish a long lasting business relationship.

Color Profile - “Anodized Silver”


You've finished your motor rebuild, valve covers are powder coated, air cleaner is powder coated, headers are ceramic coated, you're at the car show and you notice marks and finger prints on your aluminum intake. Why would you have powder coated it, you just wanted it to look like a natural aluminum intake.

We've found that our “Anodized Silver” is a great choice for keeping your intake looking natural and also protecting it from looking dirty with marks and finger prints. We have one particular customer who has used the “Anodized Silver” on three intakes for his show cars.

Anodized Silver is a great color choice and it offers a nice level of protection to keep your intake clean and looking new.

CPM News - HeadsUp Sprinkler Trimmer


HeadsUp Sprinkler Trimmer, a company out of New York state and whose motto is "The Fastest Trim In The Industry", has asked CPM to manufacture and powder coat their specialty tool, the HeadsUp Sprinkler Trimmer.

We had the opportunity to meet with the company owner and trimmer inventor "Al Helinski". Al has designed a tool that is absolutely a necessity for landscape companies and homeowners alike that will not only dramatically speed up the trimming process around pop up sprinklers but also keep the "trimee" nice and dry.

We are pleased to be working with such great people and look forward to a long lasting relationship.

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