CNC Plasma Cutting

CPM offers CNC plasma cutting services in a variety of materials and we utilize a water table system to keep parts cool during cutting to minimize warping of parts and to reduce the heat affected zone on materials.

Part for assembly fixture

We offer plasma cutting on flat stock materials up to 48" X 96" and round stock materials up to 8" diameter.

Plasma cutting offers lower cost since no custom tooling is needed and whether it's one part or hundreds of parts, our process is designed for efficiency.

CPM offers in house CAD design services and can create parts from scratch based on your specifications or we can reverse engineer parts and create the CAD files needed to produce parts.

To help simplify the process of procuring your parts and assemblys we not only offer CNC plasma cutting services but also MIG and TIG welding, powder coating and assembly services.

So wether you need custom brackets, motorcycle parts, parts for machinery, auto parts, signs or custom panels CPM can plasma cut parts for you. Feel free to  contact us for you next project.

Plasma water table


Mild Steel, Armored Steel, Aluminum (5052 and 6061 and others) and Stainless Steel

Material Stock Size

Flat stock - 24 gauge up to 5/8" thick
Round stock - 8" diameter by 96" length

Water table

We use a water table system to keep parts cool during cutting to minimize warping of parts and also to reduce the heat affected zone on hardened materials like AR plate.

Our water is treated with an enviromental friendly coolant called GreenCut which is specifically designed for CNC plasma cutting. GreenCut prevents corrosion, bacteria and hot spotting and is easily rinsable with water.

Other Services

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Powder Coating

Faqs About Our Plasma Table Coolant

• Originally approved by Environment Canada under the Environmental Choice Program
• Approved by Canadian Food Inspection Agency for use in food processing facilities
• GreenCut Plasma totally prevents growth of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria
• Eliminates odors permanently: immediately biodegrades tramp oils that wash into the water table from the plasma cut metal sheet

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